My friend is very unsanitary, I'm worried about her health, what should I do?!

Question: My friend is very unsanitary, I'm worried about her health, what should I do.?
She keeps begging me to let her use my brush because it's all cool, but I told her it wasn't sanitary and she said I wasn't a friend anymore. Today we went out to Starbucks with another girl(unsanitary as well) and they shared a drink. How can I convince her not to this.? I'm not uptight, I just don't want her to get sick, or transmit a disease.Health Question & Answer

Tell her about the germs and infections she might get if she keeps on doing that.I fell sorry for her but thats the only way tell it to her straight that thats bad for her and eventually you know if she keeps on you know what i mean........
If it gets worse i guess...
Read a book about germs and how they transmit inside of you if you are not unsanitary.
Hoped I helped =DHealth Question & Answer

I think you have a phobia, you might have the problem, not your friend. That doesnt mean she should get angry with you for not wanting to share, but my friends and I always share drinks, straws and all. We also share brushes, clothes, shoes, whatever works. That doesnt mean she is unsanitary. If you know someone well, you know a lot about them and trust them. I thought you were going to say she doesnt shower or change her underwear or something. sharing a brush though.? why not.?.?.? i can understand not wanting to share a drink, some people do mind that. but calm down and just tell her that you have a phobia and she can do what she wants, you just dont like sharing with othersHealth Question & Answer

Does she have lice. I think you are a little up tight. There is nothing wrong with using someones brush if they are a clean person. Now if she asked to use your tooth brush that's something different. also people kiss and that's a lot more dangerous than drinking from a bottle using the waterfall methodHealth Question & Answer

Not to be rude but chill out...let your friend live her life.

All you can do is encouraage her to be the way you would like her to be, but if she is willing to accept whatever comes from her actions then just let her be.

Its not like shes gonna die from sharing your brush anywaysHealth Question & Answer

LOVE AND AFFECTION CAN NOT BE DIFFERENTIATED----HAVE YOU HEARD OF IT -----added to this is economy--- rem member---- you do not see your un sanitary any moreHealth Question & Answer

ask her to make out with you and if she agrees, will that make her unsanitary as well.?Health Question & Answer

oh my , i think u should stay away from her Health Question & Answer

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