How do you get weed out your system?!

Question: How do you get weed out your system.?
i heard cranberry juice work Health Question & Answer

nope that won't do it. get synthetic urine at your local headshop and keep a cool head when using it

I've got a book all about it. Drinking water or special "drinks" won't work, especially if you've been blazing every day since last year. All that works is time my friend (exercise helps but don't exercise the day before the exam, this releases toxins into your blood)

Chronic smoker: 1-2 months to be clear
Moderate smoker: give it 3 weeks to be safe
light smoker 3-7 days you should be fine if you only toked 1 time

in reference to the person above me, thanks for adding NOTHING to the conversation

the person below me is an idiot. don't just drink cranberry juice and think it will work because it won't. there's only 2 ways to pass a urine test: synthetic urine (only works for preemployment since they watch your thingy for probation and military),
the other way is simply not smoking for a month or 2 before your interview.

companies don't want to see you give up weed. they just want to know that you can give it up for 30 days to get the job. they want to know it doesn't own you. why else would it be so easy to get around the exam.?

All that being said, I want to take this opportunity to say that all drugs should be legal and drug abuse should be treated like a public health issue and NOT a criminal issue. The only reason there is drug related crime is because drugs are not legal and the purchase of reasonable amounts is not regulated. That's why it's easier for our children to get marijuana than alcohol. Dealers don't card. Wake up people, it's the 21st century for goodness sake.Health Question & Answer

Dude, go to your nearest GNC store, and buy this juice they sell for 40 bucks; it works! I forgot what the juice is called, but ask the guy in the counter he'll most likely show you the one.

I am telling you it works, I used it back in my days and passed all urine tests! try it for your self and see...

I found the link for that juice! here it is I swear it works, people that know about this know it works. Look at the description, it is used only for that.

Allow 60 minutes for Herbal Clean Liquid Carbo to become most effective. Effectiveness will last up to 5 hours.Health Question & Answer

You don't completely, and yes, cranberry works, but you can't keep smoking to use it.

Drink a 4 gal cranberry juice in about three days or less.

What it's doing is pushing crap out of your kidneys, bladder and detoxifies your body fluids well, but not completely.Health Question & Answer

You cannot speed up the procedure. Just have to let it naturally be expelled. Canabis is fat soluble and THC metabolites area stored in fat cells for around one month. Cranberry juice, drink it if you want to quench your thirst, but it aint gonna purge fat cells of thc.

Good luck dudeHealth Question & Answer

Drink plenty of water. Water helps get rid of all the toxins out of your system. also, try to quit smoking.Health Question & Answer

you shouldn't take it in the first place
but yes i heard cranberry juice works well toHealth Question & Answer

dont smoke itHealth Question & Answer

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