Where do abortions go?!

Question: Where do abortions go.?
the fetous were do they put it.?Health Question & Answer

Actually they do go into the red bags (trash)Health Question & Answer

Honestly, I have always heard in a dumpster. I'm not being gross, that's just what I have always heard. I used to work with pregnant teenagers, and one of the girls that I was assigned to needed to go to Planned Parenthood. I was looking through the magazines and I saw pictures that looked like that was the case. Maybe different places to different things.Health Question & Answer

I'm not sure where the body is placed. I do know that the souls of the murdered children ascend to heaven to live in all eternity in the presence of the Lord.
Conversely, the "mothers" who made the decision and the doctors and nurses who perform the murder will be cast to burn in hell for eternity.Health Question & Answer

The put them in the trash. (no the placenta is not supposed to come out a few days later..that's stupid) If its a partial birth abortion...it's just like giving birth(all the placental sacs come out after the baby does. It's still attached by umbilical chord and carries it out with it...thats why they call it "after birth"Health Question & Answer

well...I also have no idea...but here in the Philippines..there were a lot of cases of fetuses spotted in comfort room cubicles,in trash cans even in shoe boxes and there was also a time when a fetus was included in a mass oferring..:( people nowadays...Health Question & Answer

they throw them in the trash can just like any other "useless waste". who would have a funeral for a baby whom they killed.? it just doesnt make sense. and dead babies in makeup and cremes.?!.?!.?!.?!.?! i think that i will never wear makeup again.Health Question & Answer

waste or cremate. it used to be ( like a year ago) in witchita you could smell the smell of burning babies if you lived near the abortion place, not sure about it anymore. Health Question & Answer

my aunt is one of those anti-abortion people that picket outside of abortion places. she and her friends have gotten like 80 dead babies out of the dumpsters behind the abortion places.
they throw the babies away like garbage. Health Question & Answer

they dont put miscarriages in the trash, you get to bury them.Health Question & Answer

Depends what the mother wants. It can be given a funeral as per the mother's instructions (burial, cremation). Otherwise it is incinerated with the clinical waste. Health Question & Answer

a lot of them are used in the making of vaccines, and some go into cosmetic injections, like Botox. Others are just disposed of.

www.abort73.comHealth Question & Answer

they put them in the dumpster, no joke

http://www.apfn.org/thewinds/images/abor...Health Question & Answer

i heard some hospitals use the "parts" for research and some parts are used in makeup and creams. it does not go in the trash.Health Question & Answer

if they killed it early itll come out wiht your period or if not it will be like a still birth theyll cremate it or bury it.Health Question & Answer

they just throw it away in the trash along with all the other things that people get taken out of their body's like tumors, extra skin and fat.

Health Question & Answer

The innocent baby who was murdered is thrown into the rubbish!Health Question & Answer

in the trash can...
no I really don't know either.
I recently had a very early on abortion and I also have no idea.
Health Question & Answer

the same place they put miscarriages, in the garbage. sounds bad but i've had 3 and asked. Health Question & Answer

I think they cremate it. Can't be sure though.Health Question & Answer

They DO NOT throw it in the trash. It is cremated. Grow up people.Health Question & Answer

They put it in a trash can.

And the worst part is I'm serious.Health Question & Answer

They put it in the garbage, how sad right.?Health Question & Answer

they toss it. in the trash.Health Question & Answer

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