I am going to the MD doctor to see why I have blood coming out with my bowel movement. ?!

Question: I am going to the MD doctor to see why I have blood coming out with my bowel movement. .?
I am sure he will be turning me bottoms up, I have been going to him for eight years and he has never had to look at my private areas. I don't have a problem with my ob/gyn looking at me so why I am embarrased for my MD to.? Can someone tell me something so I will feel more comfy wit him doing this.? I like my doctor and am not changing to another one. I trust him and he is a handsome man. lol But maybe I am just not used to him looking there is why. Health Question & Answer

This could be something minor such as a small anal fissure brought on by constipation or other reasons. There are non-prescription suppositories as well as prescription hydrocortisone suppositories that the doctor can prescribe depending on the cause.

The doctor may refer you to a gastroenterologist for a colonoscopy to determine if there are polyps causing the problem.

If you feel uncomfortable, see if there's a female physician's assistant available in the office to do the examination.

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Your doctor will send you to have your stomach scope, I hope it is hemorrhoids but it might be stomach cancer. You need to see him or her as soon as possible, I hope it is not cancer. Good luck to you.Health Question & Answer

Could be hemorrhoids or cancer or a number of other problems. Go see the doctor immediately.Health Question & Answer

More than likely it's an anal fissure or tear. It doesn't have to hurt for there to be the first signs of hemorrhoids which the bleeding probably is.

You know, you can go to your obgyn for this. You don't need to see your family doc if that makes you anymore comfortable about the situation. Since your gynecologist has probably already seen those areas it would be more comfortable going to him/her.

To make you more comfortable about your doc looking down there, you have to remember that he has probably seen thousands of butt holes and yours is just another one. Nothing to worry about. I have had my breasts, vagina and anus looked at by my GP and it doesn't even bother me. Of course it's going to be a little nerve wrecking before you have it done, but you just have to remember that he is only looking down there so he can help you get your health problems sorted out.

Don't worry too much about it :)Health Question & Answer

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