Can I give my 7 year old 25mg of benadryl?!

Question: Can I give my 7 year old 25mg of benadryl.?
It says on the packaging "6 to 12 years - 12.5 to 25 mg", but it is a capsule, so i cannot break it in half. Is 25 mg too much for him.? He weighs 49 pounds.Health Question & Answer

Well, I'm sure it wouldn't do any lasting damage, probably just knock him out for a while. However, I would be hesitent to give him the maximum dosage right away.

It might be a good idea to go buy some children's liquid benadryl so you can control the dosage better. Don't worry about the taste, that stuff's delicious, he'll love it.Health Question & Answer

I took 25mg last night and i think I hallucinated I was about to go to sleep and I heard a Scream. wtf.?

I'm sure it's cool but it's probably good idea to switch to something less sedating.

I didn't catch on but, that steve guy is right. 12.5 to 25mg... 1 capsule.Health Question & Answer

If 25 mg was too much for him, it wouldn't say right on the box to give him 25 mg.

If you're worried, use a knife to cut the pill in half, that's typically what people do...Health Question & Answer

idk try looking on the internetHealth Question & Answer

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