Do sprays or pills really make you grow?!

Question: Do sprays or pills really make you grow.?
I was wondering if sprays or pills make you grow taller.?..Because i want to be taller for my age,i'm 19..113 pounds,5'4'' and i noticed that i stopped growing when i was 16,and so i've been trying to find stuff that would really work so i found this one product called Maxagen and it showed real people that used it and they all grew 2 inches or i'm wondering would it really work for me.?,or would i just be wasting my money.?Health Question & Answer

They do not work. Don't be so naive and gullible.

Your height is perfectly fine. I answered this type of question not too long ago. Look through my history of questions I answered to find my answer. It's actually quite in favor of your height being on the lower side.Health Question & Answer

Once your growth plates are closed no further height growth is possible.

Even with open growth plates, providing you get plenty of protein, calcium and zinc, you will grow exactly the same amount with or without sprays or pills.

These people who grew 2 or 3 inches after using Maxagen would probably have grown exactly the same amount without it providing they consumed plenty of protein, calcium and zinc. Health Question & Answer

Not that I know of, but if someone does know of one...I'll be happy to try it. I am only 6'6" and have lost weight down to 226 lbs. I'd like to add another inch or 2. Size 14 feet...wonder if they'd grow too.?Health Question & Answer

i know you can give yourself shots. not sure wat its called but i know someone who did it. ask your doc about it.Health Question & Answer

You still have a couple of years to grow - as long as you are eating a balanced diet, of course! Height etc is genetically determined.... not by food! Its in the genes!Health Question & Answer

Of course they do not. They just make you poorer when you give your money to a scam artist based on a lying commercial. You should know better.Health Question & Answer

NOPE I DONT THINK SO.Health Question & Answer

probably just be wasting your money, but I don't know tho.Health Question & Answer

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