What is the best way to get super glue off of ones' skin?!

Question: What is the best way to get super glue off of ones' skin.?
Why does it bond to skin so fast.?!Health Question & Answer

I'm not sure of the chemical properties as to why it bonds to skin so fast other than it being able to dry very quickly.

Someone said finger nail polish remover which can help or just straight acetone. Other than that, get some super glue remover. The same brand should have it.Health Question & Answer

So long as there's nothing stuck to your skin by it it should come off in time.
If you have got something stuck in it (for example my brother stepped is some and stuck his sock to his foot ;s) then you should definitely go to the hospital of the chemist and see what they say.Health Question & Answer

I always manage to glue my fingers together with that. If you don't have the fingernail polish remover, since you are a guy, turpentine will work also.Health Question & Answer

Nail polish remover is not harsh enough and turpentine is too harsh. I use pure rubbing alcohol, shoul get it off fast, warm water too!!GOOD LUCK!!Health Question & Answer

fingernail polish remover or maybe some alchoholHealth Question & Answer

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