How much Caffeine is too much Caffeine?!

Question: How much Caffeine is too much Caffeine.?
Is 600mg too much caffeine.? Is that enough to cause OD.? I'm not trying to kill myself but I need to know. Please help.Health Question & Answer

The LD50 for pure caffeine is 192 mg/kg (rat, oral). This makes a lethal dose in humans about 13g but some people say it is as little as 2g (2000mg).

A girl recently survived taking about 1.8g.Health Question & Answer

The general consensus is that over 2 cups of coffee a day is 'bad' for you. This amounts to about 200mg of caffeine. You should probably cut down a little but I dont think 400mg is going to do you any real harm if you're otherwise fit and healthy. Health Question & Answer

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