My best friend may be anorexic. Help!!!!!!?!

Question: My best friend may be anorexic. Help!!!!!!.?
I think my best friend may be anorexic. Ive read a lot about the symptoms, and he has lost lots of weight, and says hes fat. He is constantly freezing.(more than normal.) And, he wont eat much at all, and he complains with stomach problems, and says thats why he wont eat much. also, my mom brought us some food to eat one time, he ate very little, and ran to his house.(he said his stomach was hurting and he threw up.) He is ALWAYS sick.I know he is hurting himself. I just cant handle this, Ive cried so many times. I just dont know what to do. My mom confronted his parents and told them to watch out, but they seem to not notice it.I hugged him the other day, and I could feel his ribs, it made me want to cry. This kid is my best friend in the world, and I just want to help him, but I dont know how. Thanks for listening, and reply with your thoughts or advice. All I know to do is pray. Oh, one more thing, he is under lots of stress, he is kind of a perfectionist.

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well honestly if he is your best friend try talking to him

if he really likes a certain food than get a bunch of that try to make him start eating again do something productive like watch a movie and eat popcorn my sister says a lot of her guy friends are super skinny becuase they think eating is boring and a waste of them and some do it becuase they think they are fat but then again he might have a health problem so talk to him and the stress might be a ltitle too much so he is taking it out on himself by thinking eating is a waste of time i have done it for a while in my life like a month or so but i realized i was stupid and hurting myself after me best friend talked to me about how i am not fat blah blah blah so yeah good luck to both of youHealth Question & Answer

Well, I kno this prob isnt the answer you looking for but i used to be the same way and do the same thing, Then i started using small amounts of steroids and now i eat like crazy. Cant even imagine being like that anymore.Health Question & Answer

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