Is there a procedure where doctors can alter your pituitary gland so you keep growing?!

Question: Is there a procedure where doctors can alter your pituitary gland so you keep growing.?
The tallest people in the world, like Robert Wadlow kept growing because of something to do with there pituitary gland. Could a person that wants to become taller have something done to there pituitary gland, for this.? Health Question & Answer

the reason those people got really tall is because they had a tumor that kept pushing against the gland.

They could implant something, but growth hormone actually becomes a poison when it is excreted in that way, which is why they usually end up dying very young. also, the growth hormone released isn't regulated, so you end up getting a huge, deformed looking jaw and face.Health Question & Answer

this is against all medical ethics, though I'm sure that it's been looked at. Generally doctors would only do this kind of thing to mice and lab animals, although every evil scientist cackling in a lab would love to have someone to experiment on. I suppose you could go in to Dr. House or something and say "I want brain tumors!" and he could think of a way to give it to you.
Sadly, age of consent is 18 and by that point most growing hormones triggered by the pituitary have done their job. You're out of luck, i'm afraid. Health Question & Answer

They could if they really wanted to, but they aren't that anxious to give you heart and kidney problems.Health Question & Answer

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