When i take aderal i can concentrate and get alot of my work done,but is there any otc drugs that will do same?!

Question: When i take aderal i can concentrate and get alot of my work done,but is there any otc drugs that will do same.?
Okay, so i am a full time mother to a 7 month old very active little girl, i go to college full time for paralegal, and i just took up a part time job 20-25 hours a week to help with christmas. so needless to say i am sooo tired and it takes all i have to make myself just sit down and do any homework, and its even harder to concentrate. but when my brother gave me an aderal (which i used to take all the time in my freshman year of college) it was like i got so much concentration, and i was so focused...and another plus. i wasnt really that hungry. so anyways, i was wondering since i cant just go in to the doctor and ask for aderal, what, if any is otc that gives the same good effects. i dont really want to be so speeded up that i cant focus...cuz thats what i need to do. concentrate. so stuff like yellow jacket or something i dont think is a good idea. idk hopefully someone does thoughHealth Question & Answer

In response to the cocaine comment though, aderal is not much different, seriously it is a full on amphetamine, its chemical structure is very similar to cocaine, and if you read the full list of side effects about aderal you will notice that cocaine is a documented one. But yeah, it is a gnarly drug, but caffeine would probably be my only suggest. Good luck just asking for aderal the FDA has classified it as class 2 which means it is highly abused and highly addictive, it is now a street drug so it is usually very hard to obtain legally unless you have a history of ADD or ADHD. Health Question & Answer

No there is not. However, stimulants such as caffine may help, but not significatly.Health Question & Answer

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