My child face/teeth clenching, arm tightens, and she turns red?!

Question: My child face/teeth clenching, arm tightens, and she turns red.?
Okay, my 1 year old daughter has been doing some weird movements. Her face gets tight and he face clenches up including her teeth. It almost looks like she's got the Hebe jebies or something. Her hand jerks and her fingers stiffen up, and she turns beat red. She did it when i brought her into the doctor on friday. he said he wasn't sure what she was doing. look like involuntary muscle movements, possibly a mild seizure. We go into the peds doctor on tuesday but i was wondering if anyone has heard of it before. I've read stuff on seizures and I guess it's sorta vague. any help is appreciated.
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sure sounds like a seizure to me~ I had them from birth...till present~ im in my mid 40's.
As a child they were high fever seizures as an adult they came from my being stressed/overtired/overextending myself~ basically they were self induced.

You need to see a neurologist.

Here are some very good sites on seizures:

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http://www.schneiderchildrenshospital.or...Health Question & Answer

You will need to call 911 if the convulsions last more than several minutes.

A continuous convulsion is called 'status epilepticus' and can lead to brian damage and death.
also ensure that she is definitely breathing, some people whom have fits do not breath and that can be deadly too.

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needs an eeg to help diagnose, but half of these are negative even in the presence of seizures. Sure sounds like a seizure disorder.Health Question & Answer

The good thing Is your Dr. got to see It.
Now you both can get some help with it.Health Question & Answer

it does sound as if it is some kind of seizure. you are doing the right thing by getting this investigated. I have a bit of medical knowledge but would not dare to presume I could offer an explanation. your baby will need to be thoroughly examined by a paediatrician and possibly have some tests done, doctors are not magicians they may not get the right answer straight up but stick to it until you get an answer.
Keep your spirits up, be patient and strong and ask as many questions as you need to (there is no such thing as a stupid question when it concerns your kids).
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