Mucsle spasms all over body plz need advice!!?!

Question: Mucsle spasms all over body plz need advice!!.?
im 17 years old and lately i get these muscle spams or twitches all over my body, hands,arms,legs,feet,stomach, face. i drink alot of water!! i quit smoking weed about 2 weeks ago could that do it.? i have anxiety.? could that be it.? i was worried it was tetanus, i really hope its not i dont know how to tell though, how would i KNOW if i have tetanus.? these spasms only last for a few seconds and they dont get in the way of anything during my days they just kinda bug me when they do happen for a few seconds and they go away. anyone know what this could be.? thank you very muchHealth Question & Answer

Could be normal growing pains. You should take a good multivitamin to ensure you are getting all the trace nutrients you need. Some mineral deficiencies could have those symptoms. Pot and anxiety could also have some effects. Tetanus would have manifested itself much more aggressively and would not come and go. Health Question & Answer

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