What is medical marijuana good for?!

Question: What is medical marijuana good for.?
doesn't it make people crazy.? my parents made me watch refer madness is that movie true.?Health Question & Answer

Sleep, appetite, pain, what another person said before me. Marijuana does not make you crazy. If you mean paranoid by crazy, some people react to marijuana in that way, but not all as badly as some do. It depends on the person, everyone reacts differently. But it is pretty harmless, for the most part. Alchohol can make people a lot crazier, in my opinion.

I hope everything works out for you.

-CaseyHealth Question & Answer

It's good for pain

Reefer madness was a very old film that highly exaggerated the effects of marijuana and now has a cult following as a B movieHealth Question & Answer

I am not sure about the movie however grass is good for pain and help with appetite and sleeping issues.

the list goes on and on just take a look at this......Health Question & Answer


HTTP://LLLJ.COMHealth Question & Answer

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