What drug can make your toenail fall off?!

Question: What drug can make your toenail fall off.?
My boyfriend's sister has been doing a lot of different drugs lately. She's over 21 and we've tried to convince her to get into treatment. So far it hasn't worked. I know she's been smoking pot, doing coke and smoking "Wet". Her toenails have begun to fall off. I know that not having toenails is the least of our worries when it comes to her drug use but I just wanted to know if there was a possibility of there being another drug that she's doing other than the ones we know of that would cause her nails to fall off. Health Question & Answer

Well, this could be wrong, but think of it this way. When you chew tobacco constantly, eventually your gums will recede and you increase chances of gum disease as well as have your teeth fall out (obviously from gums receding and becoming weak).

Maybe her body isn't strong enough to handle the drugs and is in a sense deteriorating.?

There's generally no drug that will make your toenails fall off. Not unless it numbs the body and you attempt some activity that over rubs the toenails off... Health Question & Answer

Possible Reasons:

1. distance runners- the impact of your foot and your shoes over and over. My only suggestion is to make sure your shoes are not too big and just let them grow back, it doesn't take long except sometimes if you do something like soccer or distance running after it grows back, it may fall off again.

2. fungus- my only suggestion is to soak your feet in clorox water before going to foot doctor. The foot doctor may tell you to continue the soaking and give you a prescription to put on the nail.

That's all I know...I don't know what drugs can make your toenails fall off...

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