I am having chest pains when i swallow?!

Question: I am having chest pains when i swallow.?
it feels like the food wont go down when i swallow.
and it hurts no matter what i eat or drink, even water hurts to swallow. and after i eat something, it hurts for like 3 minutes afterwords and sometimes it make me feel like i have to burp. i have no clue what it is but it is really scaring me.
i am 14 years old and im really scared.Health Question & Answer

You should see your doctor. you probably have esophogitis or gastritis. Stop drinking pop, eating chocolate and greasy foods and start taking tums.Health Question & Answer

how long as it been like this.?

Sometimes you will get those pains if you eat too fast.

drink water slowly.

dont be scared, it'll be okHealth Question & Answer

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