Why dose meat cause health problems?!

Question: Why dose meat cause health problems.?
Why do we contract many bizarre diseases from eating meat.? Why dose it cause so many neurological and circulatory problems.? also why dose it cause impotence in men .?

Do other omnivores and carnivores get these diseases besides carnivorous house pets who eat carbohydrate pet foods, vegetables and grains (or food that isn't supposed to be in their diet).? Health Question & Answer

Well, first of all, meat contains fat, that's inevitably bad for you. Fat and cholesterol in meat and other animal products clog up the arteries going to all organs, not just the heart (which can explain impotence).

Then, they can provide breading grounds for tape worms, which burry their eggs in teh tissue. If not cooked properly, these will spread to humans when consumed. The same goes with a lot of other bacteria, which are usually taken in by the animal when it is drinking unsanitary water or eating unsanitary food.

Wild omnivores and carnivores are bound to eat stuff that is bad for them, just as a house pet would, though they would probably have a better immune system because they are used to it. All it could take is eating something off the ground, where a contaminated animal went to the bathroom. As a result, many, if not most end up with these infections/parasites.Health Question & Answer

Meat causes health problems because it clogs your arteries and me myself is a vegetarian and it may be gross to think about but every animal product has fecal matter in it and you can get very sick from eating it raw because if you think about it every animal poops and the animals could have cuts or scrapes and it could fall or sit because of all of the unhealthy growth hormonesHealth Question & Answer

Well, we unnaturally eat meat from start...so we aren't very adapted to meat yet like other animals...

Other animals get diseases then we eat those and we get that disease.Health Question & Answer

we get diseases from animal meat because they have the diseases. when we eat them we contract the diseases from them, NOOB

BAM!Health Question & Answer

hard to digest~Health Question & Answer

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