What is the best cure for a headache besides taking pills?!

Question: What is the best cure for a headache besides taking pills.?
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If you take your pointer and your middle finger and rub the temples on your head for a couple minutes, the pain will start to simmer down a bit. Getting some sleeping also helps a lot.Health Question & Answer

It usually depends on the cause of the headache. Taking a few deep breaths, a break to relax, or a small nap could help. Another idea is to try aromatherapy (lavender or vanilla might be a good idea). If it's a recurring thing, try a chiropractor. Caffeine also relieves some headaches. Hope this helps!Health Question & Answer

Listen to soothing music. And if you can, go to bed and try to go sleep. When you wake up, you will feel refreshed and the headache gone. Or, immerse yourself in a warm bath but don't go to sleep. You might drown yourself accidentally.
If it persists, you should visit your neighborhood doctor.Health Question & Answer

eat...drink plenty of water...lay down, put your head a bit up, put a cold wet towel on your face and close your eyes..make sure that there is no light and no noise around you.Health Question & Answer

apple cider vinegar... i get headaches alot some one told me about it and it really works mix it with cold waterHealth Question & Answer

Staying hydrated.Health Question & Answer

sex and an ice pack on the back of your head...not at the same time thoHealth Question & Answer

I've heard that sex is ... because then all the blood rushes south! Health Question & Answer

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