How do you have a bath or a shower with a cast on your arm or leg?!

Question: How do you have a bath or a shower with a cast on your arm or leg.?
Is it not a bit awkward.?Health Question & Answer

It's really awkward, and unfortunately a bath is normally the only way to go. What I did was take a big trash bag (depending on how large the cast is and how much of the limb it covers), saran wrap the open end, just in case, and duct tape it. When taking the bath, prop it up on the edge of the tub and don't wash anywhere near the skin where the cast is, you can get that with a cleansing pad later. What's really awkward is if you have long hair and a cast arm; it's hard shampooing one-handed.
From personal experience, it IS very, very awkward. For someone who's younger, it's easy to get someone to help, but otherwise it's just...weird. You almost stop looking forward to bathing... :(Health Question & Answer

ok first what ever you have a cast on youll need to cover it with some type of bag usually then youll tape it shut so no water comes in..if its your arm its easier because you can take a bath and leave it out of the water but still have it wrapped up and def dont want to take a bth if you have a leg cast unless you can somehoe hang it ove the side of the tube..the key is to never submerse the cast in water...regardless if you have it wrapped up or not..good luck with it though its not fun either wayHealth Question & Answer

But a small chair with a backrest if you don't feel like standing in the bathtub and shower with your cast out of the it. Its more comfortable and it feels nice when you shower and sitting down. Just kinda cover your cast with plastic, a towel and or with shower curtain. Other than that, get a bag and cover it... with a ruberband or tape.Health Question & Answer

You bath with your leg hanging over the edge. To shower, you put a garbage bag UP the leg and then tape it shut to prevent water from entering at the top. OR you just take a sponge bath until you figure a better way. Been there, done both. You just shower/bath slower than usual and it works okHealth Question & Answer

There are things you can buy to put over the cast so it won't get wet. My parents when I broke my arm put a bread bag over my arm with a rubber band. It is a bit weird feeling the rest of you clean but knowing that under that cast it is probably gross.Health Question & Answer

Saran wrap. duct tape the edges. You do not want the inside of a cast wet because it will stink, stink, stink, and may cause an infection.Health Question & Answer

Very much so. Happened to a friend of mine and his solution was to wrap his arm in plastic LOL. Well wouldn't hurt to test it out.Health Question & Answer

wrap it in a bag.Health Question & Answer

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