How many days does a hair strand drug test go back?!

Question: How many days does a hair strand drug test go back.?
i just took a hair strand drug test, and the last time i smoked or did any drugs was june 16 2008 or close to that date. am i in the clear.?.?!.?!! urgentt!!! Health Question & Answer

You should be fine on your hair test. Usually, after 3-4 months your hair is clean especially if you keep your hair short. Next time though, don't chance it. You can get shampoo that takes out all of the drug chemicals for Marijuana, THC, ecstasy, MDMA, nicotine and alcohol. The stuff is great. My job tests me all the time but I smoke up daily. Why not if you can beat it anyway- Here is where I get ithe shampoo hope this helps!Health Question & Answer

Depends on how long your hair is and how much you did and how often you wash your hair. I wouldn't worry if I was you. But in the future, if in doubt, don't take the drug test.Health Question & Answer

Yea, you should be fine. My friend had to take one and she said that it comes off your hair a month after you smoked or did whatever.Health Question & Answer

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