How to get rid of smelly feet?!

Question: How to get rid of smelly feet.?
I know it is an odd question but we all have some flaws...

It has been years and years since, I have had smelly feet but nothing really works. I shower twice daily and change socks (cotton) daily. It seems that if I wear shoes (running usually) for over 30 or 60 min., they stink like hell...

I've seen powders and other types of gel for feet at Longs Drugs and Wallgreens. Do any of them actually work.? or any other type of remedy for this type of situation.?

Thanks in Advance.Health Question & Answer

spray deodorant in your shoes everytime before you put them on and put athlete's foot cream on your feet at night before you go to bed.Health Question & Answer

Brew some tea (doesn't matter what kind - mint might be nice though) and soak your feet every day. No kidding!Health Question & Answer

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