Im 15 an im 4'11 will i ever grow any taller ?!

Question: Im 15 an im 4'11 will i ever grow any taller .?
yea baby you will but i could care less i love you the way you areHealth Question & Answer

Maybe, maybe not. My best friend in elementary school was very short, but she ended up being slightly taller than I was by the time she got through with puberty. You can tell how tall you'll be (approximately) by how tall your parents are. My mom's fairly short, so I'm taller than she is but not as tall as my dad. My brother is a bit taller than my father. If your parents are short, chances are you won't grow much more, but can still add on a few inches until you're 18. Health Question & Answer

Ashley, women grow until age 21!! It's true! Drink 3 glasses of any kind of milk every day. Eat lots of protein and veggies. And get lots of exercise outside.

Now don't stress about it. Just have fun!
Bless you and good luck! :)
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of course you will, you have a couple of years to go
no worries...just drink milk, get about 8 hours of sleep each day, and eat right

i know girls that were your height, and in a couple of years they're like basketball players! don't worryHealth Question & Answer

i'm 5' and i'm 18. i was still 4'11" when i was 15 to 16, so you might have an inch or two left or maybe none at all. Health Question & Answer

you could. it's all genetics and things. there is nothing that you can do to change things.Health Question & Answer

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