Can anyone give me some tips on how to stop?!

Question: Can anyone give me some tips on how to stop.?
I am addicted to cyber...i admit it.

I want to stop but i just cant. I think its wierd and i don't like it.

Any tips on how to stop.?

This is not a joke. I am looking for good replys to help me.

(this could effect relationships, so i REALLY need to stop.)Health Question & Answer

One thing you need to know is you are not alone. You should defiantly look into support groups and start researching others that overcame your problem. With you start to read success story it will motivate you to do the same and overcome your problem. also I would recommend finding alternative activities to occupy yourself. Slowly but surely, you will overcome your problem. Have faith in yourself. :) Good Luck!Health Question & Answer

Do other activities to take your mind off of it.
All cyber sex is, is liking what someone else is saying to you. Not necessarily the sex aspect.
Go out with friends and stop going to random chatlines that allow you to easily access it all the time.
In the case that its with someone you are with... its not all that bad. Just as long as your are communicating about other things as wellHealth Question & Answer

You're filling some void with it.

In order to stop the symptom, you must first cure the disease.

In other words, you have to figure out WHY you need it...before being able to give it up completely.

Possible reasons: Need for intimacy, loneliness, unhealthy obsession with sex (suppression as a teen, perhaps.?)....

Sometimes we need a completely fresh pair of eyes to help us see what the problem is. Try a professional counselor. There are some great non-profit pastoral counseling centers out there (that won't even bring religion into it.)

Feel free to send me an email for more info...I've had personal experience with this sort of thing.Health Question & Answer

Occupy your time with something else. Block the chat websites on your computer. Un-install your instant messaging. If that doesn't work, you should probably seek some professional help.Health Question & Answer

FInd something else to occupy your time. Hang out with freinds, smoke a joint, play sports read a book. Its probably just a phase.Health Question & Answer

Maybe go get laid for realHealth Question & Answer

ur grossHealth Question & Answer

Just think about what matters to you and if you lost it....would it be worth it.?Health Question & Answer

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