How to get my grandmother to stay home from school?!

Question: How to get my grandmother to stay home from school.?
My grandmother and father aren't letting me stay home today. I threw up once and I keep having to go to the bathroom... also my head hurts and my stomach hurts... They think it's just a cold but I know it's not. How do I get them to let me stay home.? I really do feel bad... HELP!!!
I'm scared that if I go to school I will embarass myself by having to run to the bathroom to puke or somethinig like that...Health Question & Answer

When you get to school go right to the nurses office and explain how you feel and what went on at home. Hopefully she will help you. Either by sending you home or by letting you stay in the nurses office for the day. Fell better.Health Question & Answer

Throw up on one of them. Maybe then they'll see it as a problem

Go to the nurses office after first period and tell her you threw up again. At least then she'll let you stay in her office even if your father won't let you come home.

Unfortunately there is not much that you can do short of locking yourself in your room if they are still insisting that you go to school.Health Question & Answer

You don't vomit with colds. I would really, really play sick, moaning, coughing, generally look miserable. Have you checked for a fever.? If they still make you go, just go the nurse and she'll call them to come get you if you've vomited.Health Question & Answer

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