Getting Sick after taking triple c's?!

Question: Getting Sick after taking triple c's.?
Ive taken triple c's (Coricidin Cough & Cold) 3 times now. The first time i took it, I took eight, and ended up throwing up and didnt know what was going on at alll and had like the 5 people i took it with walk me home. the next day i felt like shitt. Then i took 4 another time, and i felt a little bit sick the next day but not so bad. And i took six on Sunday (3 days ago) and the next morning in the shower i felt like i was going to black out. my stomach was all messed up and i just felt absolutely horrible. i ended up sitting on the floor for like 30 minutes because i didnt want to move cuase everytime i lifted my arms i felt like i was gona pass out. Does anyone else get like that.?

I plan on taking them again on Halloween.

So, please don't preach to me. I'm like 14 years old.Health Question & Answer

It is because the chloropheniramine maleate in the pills. I've taken 32 before and gotten just as sick as when i took 8, but the effects lasted much longer and came on much stronger. If you are looking for the same buzz without nausea I would suggest delsym or vicks 44 cough syrup with only dextromethorphan in it.Health Question & Answer

Wow, you're a complete idiot. I'm actually impressed that someone could be stupid enough to eat pills for the 4th time that always make you sick.

Cheers! You just proved Darwin was wrong! You're a human evolving in the wrong direction!Health Question & Answer

Read the label. Find out how many you should take and take the recommended dosage, that's always a really good idea. Your body may just not tolerate some of the ingredients or you took too many.
It's not rocket science.
Health Question & Answer

Im 11 so i wont preach to u but im going to call u a retard.Health Question & Answer

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