Did i take too much medicine? please help?!

Question: Did i take too much medicine.? please help.?
i have a bad cold and i want it to go away, i didnt think about how much i took though. this is what i did take though

acetaminophen 325mg pain reliever
phenylephrine HCI 5mg nasal decongestant
loratadine 10mg antihistamine
2 mucinex dm tablets
spray in each nostril of nasonexHealth Question & Answer

The good thing here is that you didn't take the same medication twice (tylenol Pm and tylenol sinus headache, and vicodin for example all have tylenol) Another good thing is that it looks like you took appropriate doses of each medication. also, each of your medications do different things.

It would have been better if you spread them out a little so that you wouldn't take as much if the first things you took worked, but I think that what you took is appropriate. If it makes you feel bad, I would put a call in to your doc. Health Question & Answer

I'm not a doctor, but I know there is not any cure for the common cold no matter how extreme the symptoms are. All the medications that you took are designed to relieve some of the symptoms, such as aches, pains, sniffles, ect. My best experienced adivce, 'get plenty of rest & drink plenty of liquids'. Don't laugh, but chicken soup really, really, really helps. Good luck & get well soon.Health Question & Answer

Thats not really too much. Where you run into problems is when you take 2 or 3 things with the same active ingredients. Every time I get sick I take a similar combo of drugs. You'll be a little spacey for a few hours but you should feel pretty good. Health Question & Answer

Problem is...the stuff you're taking is only temporary relief...there is no way to make a cold go away sooner. It'll just have to run it's course. With you taking all these meds it doesn't allow your immune system to try and fight it on it's own...Health Question & Answer

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