Is this really true, or just made up?!

Question: Is this really true, or just made up.?
I was told by a friend, that some people die from drinking from cans(like a mountain dew or sprite can or w/e); Because that the cans are made in a factory, and those factories have rats in them, and the rats use the bathroom and do other things on the can, and that theres a very low chance that you can catch a disease from that and die.? Is that true or false.?Health Question & Answer

Found this on snopes... Question & Answer

The chance of a can of anything thatcomes out of a factory killing you is VERY low. Rat sh*t in coca-cola leads to multi-milion dollar law-suits and very bad publicity. Your alot more likely to get hit by a car or get struck by lightning than having a rat sh*t in your beer.Health Question & Answer

Ha Ha so not true. Think about it. EVERYTHING we eat nowadays besides natural fruits and veggies(even those run through factories to get cleaned before they go to the markets) go through factories and yes I said everything. So if this was true we would all be dead by now! Health Question & Answer

It's a BIGGGG stretch of the truth... you could get sick but you should always wash off the top of the cans before you drink it. You never know where it's been.
That may be one out of how many billions of cans of soda are drank in a year....a bit exaggerated to say the least. Health Question & Answer

leptosperosis. yes it is very real. at the very least wash your canned goods before opening them.-blureyHealth Question & Answer

Well it really just depends on how u look at it..
weather its a high risk or not ..
only thing that matters if
do u want to drink out of a can or notHealth Question & Answer

I haven't heard about it before now, but it sounds plausible.Health Question & Answer

i poop in every mountain dew can i find Health Question & Answer

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