Is Naproxen worth taking?!

Question: Is Naproxen worth taking.?
For recreation.?Health Question & Answer

Sure if you want to screw up your stomach - maybe get an ulcer... the family of drugs that Naproxen belongs to is the same as aspirin and ibuprofen they all tear up your stomach.Health Question & Answer

Definately not. Naproxen was first developed for arthritis, but can also can be used fabulously for menstral cramps. If taken for prolonged periods of time it will affect the kidneys. Naproxen should never be taken as a recreational drug.Health Question & Answer

No prescription drug is worth taking recreationally. These medications cause organ failure, which in the long run, is a lot worse than any problem you'd be trying to mask with the drugs.Health Question & Answer

brand name-alieve- will give you no sort of high- may cause ulcers and cysts though. its not worth taking any drug for recreation. Health Question & Answer

any drugs can be very dangerous.

drugs makes people unrealiable

no one wants to have a partner that is drug addictHealth Question & Answer

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