How can i get rid of my warts pleasee?!

Question: How can i get rid of my warts pleasee.?
hi ive got warts and i am very contious of them does anyone know how to get rid of them please .? thanks xHealth Question & Answer

i swear this works:
take a large potato, and cut a thin slice off. rub the starchy juice from the fleshy side of the slice onto the wart area and leave to dry.
do this twice daily, just taking a slice to expose some juicy flesh, and rub the starchy juice over.
after a month i gaurantee itll be gone. Health Question & Answer

I used to have bad warts on my hands and i went to the doctors and they like freeze them off, its a little painful but nothing to be afraid of, and they just come off after a few days of it being done.Health Question & Answer

There's medicine for that, home remedy I recommend bleach and a hairdryer. Pour strong bleach on the wart and dry it with a hairdryer until you can barely stand the pain. This should kill it. Works on ringworm at least. Health Question & Answer

i had a wart on my hand for 3 years and all i did was cut it with scissors and pull out the roots and also use that put on your --------- for 20 seconds and it freezes the wartHealth Question & Answer

See your GP, they can arrange for them to be frozen off.

If you would rather do it yourself you can get something from your local chemist. Personally i recommend the GP. Health Question & Answer

Google is your friend

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my mum used to say in the morning bury bacon rind in the garden! but really the doctor will do it for you, Health Question & Answer

Compound W at Wal-Mart they now have a new formula that will freeze them off for you... if that doesn't work go to your doctor.Health Question & Answer

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