Why see a Chiropractor when you can get the same results with a masseuse?!

Question: Why see a Chiropractor when you can get the same results with a masseuse.?
I would see a masseuse or a real doctor but never a Chiropractor.

Chiropractors have to believe that everything causes conditions that only they can fix so they can convince patients that we can't live comfortably without visits twice per week.

I had a stroke last year as a result of chiropractic treatment and have since made it a priority to raise awareness of the dangers of chiropractic care. Please visit this website to read my story and similar ones of other victims so you may be aware of the risks and make an informed decision about treatment.Health Question & Answer

While some chiropractors may massage their patients, and, thus, might be considered as masseurs, not all masseurs are practiced and/or licensed in the art of chiropractics, which includes the manipulation of bone (some refer to it as "cracking") to give, arguably, some relief from various pains and/or tensions. also, generally speaking, most masseurs are less expensive than chiropractors. So, if all you want is, essentially, a rubdown, see a masseuse; if you need greater medical care, seek a qualified physician, before seeking out a chiropractor, as the latter is not licensed or, generally speaking, capable of diagnosing more serious maladies, such as arthritis, bursitis, multiple sclerosis, etc.Health Question & Answer

A chiropractor can help you out with the pain in your body. A masseuse just helps you relax.Health Question & Answer

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