What's wrong when you feel that everything moves really fast?!

Question: What's wrong when you feel that everything moves really fast.?
It has happened a couple of times before.
I wake up and feel that everything is going really fast, time, tv and sounds.
For example I turn the TV on and it looks like it is a bit in fast forward... the audio sounds messed up.

It happened to me twice (last time was a couple of years ago) but I was remembering and found nothing about it on the web.

(BTW I don't do drugs)Health Question & Answer

That sounds like anxiety to me. Have you been stressed.?
Sometimes I get like that in the morning too but I learned to ignore it. Its hard when I go outside though and there is lots of movment around me.Health Question & Answer

mite be an anxiety attack or something like that ask a doctor [[my mothas a doctor so ill ask her]] but wow thats scaryHealth Question & Answer

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