Why do you think vaccinations are a good thing?!

Question: Why do you think vaccinations are a good thing.?
I strongly believe that vaccinations harm the human body, and I will never receive another. Why do you think the benefits outweigh the risks.? (p.s. they don't. the risks are too great.)Health Question & Answer

I agree. We have an immune system for a reason. I think every time you shoot yourself up with a dead virus you kill your immune system a little more. Most diseases you take vaccines for can be either prevented if you take proper care of yourself or if you do get them it sucks for a few days and then you're better and have a natural immunity to it. What part about injecting a dead virus, mercury and formaldehyde into your body sounds GOOD.? Common sense isn't very common anymore huh. Health Question & Answer

I know the Flu Shot isn't worth your $25. This is the first year I have ever gotten one, and I'm not getting one again! I got sick about a week 1/2 after the shot.

As far as other vaccinations go, i know that with my daughter it's highly important that they get the vaccinations as their immune system isn't built up yet, so the vaccines give them the antibodies to fight the disease if they ever get it.

As a mother, it's better to be safe than sorry ( unless your talking about the Flu Shot!) Health Question & Answer

Because tens of thousands of scientists have studied them for the last 100 years or so, and have proven them to be safe, and to save lives.
Have you seen anyone walking around lately with Polio.? How about Smallpox.?
By not getting vaccinated, you are risking your health and your life, and you are putting others at risk. You are selfish, and either ignorant an uneducated, or you are the kind of person who believes the earth is flat and we never landed on the moon.Health Question & Answer

Vaccines protect you from getting the actual disease. With all things there is a risk that you may get it but the actual cases of people who actually got the disease from a vaccine is so minimal. Vaccines are just weakened or dead cells from a certain disease. Id rather get a weakened disease then get a fully healthy cell like polio. Health Question & Answer

They strengthen our immune system so our bodies are prepared to fight off the disease.Health Question & Answer

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