Marijuana vs. hashish...?!

Question: Marijuana vs. hashish....?
so.. just curious. I know hashish comes in bricks and is dark. I know it's derived from the cannabis plant. But, it it just like... mass-processed, or is it like bricks of resin.? Not too sure. Only answer if you know what you're talking about. Thanks :]Health Question & Answer

Hashish--the resinous secretions of the cannabis plant that are collected from the flowering tops, dried, and then compressed into various forms, such as balls, cakes, and cookie-like sheets. This form of cannabis is generally more potent than marijuana, having a THC content ranging from trace amounts up to 20%. Hashish is the major form of cannabis used in the Middle East and North Africa. In the Far East, the dried resinous exudate is called "charas."

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hash is resin from the plant. thc crystals that come off (typically) the trimmed off portion of the bud. People will sometimes scrape their pipes and tell you it is hash but it's been smoked already and has considerable less THC. You can also get crystals that fall off and screened through mess to get kiff. Hash also collects on your fingers or scissors while trimming marijuana. It's very unlikely that hash will be mass-produced as it takes quite a lot of trim to make hash. People typically get sludgy hash using butane and a PVC pipe or bubble hash using filter bags and ice water.Health Question & Answer

Hashish is composed mostly of the "hairs" (trichomes) of buds of marijuana, and often some of the leaves as well. The hairs are separated from the plant using sifters, and the accumulated hairs are pressed into a block. "Kief" is what these hairs are called when not pressed into a block, but instead are loose.Health Question & Answer

Hash is derived directly from Marijuana. The "pot" is finely ground into a powder and then moistened and wrapped in papertowels and plastic. It is then placed into an oven and heated to a specific point where the powdered dope is somewhat melted into hash. The hash is then removed and cooled. Do not let the plastic melt! I am an EX potsmoker who knows this from personal trial and error. There are also websites out there which step by step describe the EXACT process.Health Question & Answer

there are differant types of "hash".some is whitish colored,some green,some brown.(Indian hash is made by rubbing the buds while still growing,green hash is made by compressing and heating grass(all parts of the plant),some is made by....well there's just to many recipes to list.Basically hashish is just a more potent way to smoke.It takes about 100 grams of bud to make 10 grams of hash! Hope that helps a little.You might try googling jorge jorgenson/hash or high times.Health Question & Answer

Hashish is basically a brick of thc which is the psychoactive chemical in the cannabis plant Health Question & Answer

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