I have a low Temp is this bad?!

Question: I have a low Temp is this bad.?
i have been experiencing alot of diarrhea and sudden feelings of pain in my stomach and it got so bad i felt like i was going to throw up for a short period of time. In the back of my head i have a mild head ake i can barley feal it but i have one. and i took my temp like 5 times and its 94!! i also been taking tons and tons of peptobismal and it hasnt helped much :( do you think i have the flu.?Health Question & Answer

that doesnt sound good at all! call the doctorHealth Question & Answer

I would recommend that you first try another thermometer to see if your readings are accurate. Secondly, I am not the kind of guy that runs to the doctor's office every time something isn't exactly right (to put it mildly). If were you however (based on what I am reading in your question and assuming that your thermometer is correct) I would seek medical attention first thing tomorrow (maybe I would see the doc tomorrow even if your thermometer isn't right). You may have food poisoning (or of course something else) and treatment can help you lick it a lot faster thus saving you a lot of time and misery.Health Question & Answer

sounds like you've had either some food poisoning or you're lactose intolerant.

When you have diarrhea you lose a lot of body heat.

But having a 94 isn't so bad. 98.6 degrees was derived from a study in Germany a long time ago where they took the average temperature of 100 german men. So being a little off isn't abnormal.Health Question & Answer

Stop taking those peptobismals, they are loaded with chemicals plus caffeine. I don't know how you came down with an acute stomach. Did you eat some fast foods with a high fat content .? You need to see a physiciann asap. Can someone take you to an immediate care center or an ER .?
94 F is not good. For diarrhea, you needed to take imodium instead of pepto. Anyway, see if you can sip some warm clear broth to raise your Temp at least to 96.8 F. see a doctor asap, alrighty .?Health Question & Answer

a common misconception of the flu is that you throw up. That is not the flu. also don't take too much peptobismal as it will make you sicker. your thermometer is probably off since you would be in a terrible way if your core body temperature is that low. Health Question & Answer

I have had these same symptoms for awhile. I had been tested for appendix, gall bladder, and pancreas. I just found out I have a tumor in my adrenal gland. Don't panic though! They are usually not cancerous! But ask your doctor! You can also look it up online to see more about it! Hope you feel better soon!Health Question & Answer

Stop with the pepto. Take a teaspoon of liquid benadryl (the store brand is fine) and two ibuprofin tablets. Go to bed and you will feel better when you get up. The benadryl helps with nausea, and makes you sleep, and the ibuprofin helps with body aches. Normal temp. is 98.6Health Question & Answer

I think your thermometer is broken. 94 sounds really low. I think you'd be hypothermic. Maybe just a stomach virus.? Try some chamomile or peppermint or ginger tea to soothe your stomach, and if it lasts more than 3 days or gets worse go to a doctor.Health Question & Answer

i dont know what you have but it sounds real bad call the doctor, but in the mean time try this website to help c what you mite have. Health Question & Answer

I think you should get to the nearest hospital so they can give you an iv for fluids! With a temp that low and diarrhea you're probably severely dehydrated.Health Question & Answer

I dont' know what you have but you should see a doctor.Health Question & Answer

No, that is defiantly not normal! You should call your doc immediately! Please!Health Question & Answer

Dude your about to die, can you tell my grandma Joey says hi.Health Question & Answer

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