Is Smoking Weed Worst Then Smoking Cigs?!

Question: Is Smoking Weed Worst Then Smoking Cigs.?
I just wanted to know is smoking weed worst then smoking cigs.? My friends and i argue cause i always complain to them that they should not smoke it cause it can just be as harmful as cigs. What are the effects of it.?

P.S. I don't smoke it im just tired of arguing with them cause i think my friends are stupid -_-. So does it harm your body.?Health Question & Answer

Smoking weed is much worse for you . It stays in your system for days and can affect driving ability and decision making. Not enough study has been done on it's carcinogenic properties. Check this in 30 years.
It sucks away ambition, People constantly using it don't care so much about their jobs and advancement.

1 in 10 people have schizophrenic tendencies. Smoking weed definitely brings the schizophrenia on and once it arrives, there is no reversing it.

Some people say that heroin is also "not addictive" Both weed and heroin are habit forming. It is hard to get off either completely. Heroin is worse.

Using one drug can and does lead to trying another. Your inhibitions are reduced so you are more likely to do something that you would not normally do.
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Getting stoned can cause a lot of physchological effects. Some people can smoke it all their life and be fine but some can be affected very badly by it. I know someone who eventually developed that much paranoia that he believed that mini cameras were watching him everywhere he went. A lot of people are born with hidden schizophrenic tendencies and smoking cannabis can unlock these and cause people to get drug induced physchosis'. A lot of people doubt these theories but I believe personally that they are true. also, there's the minor affects of losing your sex drive or losing weight or actually putting on weight due to the munchies.Health Question & Answer

As compared to most drugs, Pot is the least dangerous. Pot is not an addictive drug. For those who claim it is, anything is theoretically addictive, and there are some people who can become addicted to spring water. So to put it in perspective, Pot is less addictive than coffee.

Pot will cause some short term memory loss. It's harder to remember a 10 digit phone number. Beer causes the same memory loss as Pot. The effect is temporary and wears off completely. Pot has no long term affects on the brain. I have been smoking Pot for the last 25 years and I still test as a genius on IQ tests. My mental abilities have increased over the years.

Pot will give you the Munchies. You may eat more than you would normally. If you are on a diet, you should factor this in when deciding to smoke Pot. It could cause you to gain weight.

Pot is a sexual stimulant. It removes a persons inhibitions. You are more likely to agree to have sex when you are stoned. You are also more likely to not use birth control while stoned. Sometimes people get others stoned to try to get them to have sex when they normally wouldn't. If you are getting stoned with members of the opposite sex, be aware of this and realize that it can have this effect on you. Health Question & Answer

When I was a teenager, my parents warned me about drugs. To them, marijuana was equally as bad as heroin and cocaine. They did not distinguish between drugs that are far more dangerous than others. So, I spent my whole life off of illegal drugs. Meanwhile, I became an alcoholic, and smoked two packs of cigarettes per day. I've have been diagnosed with adult onset asthma because of it. Since then, I had made probably over a hundred attempts to quit both of my previous addictions.

So, I used marijuana to first quit alcohol, and shortly after to quit smoking. I used it in place of the alcohol and the nicotine to relieve my withdrawals. After a few weeks, I just felt like I didn't need the marijuana anymore, so I gave the rest of it away and stopped smoking it. I did not experience any withdrawals from quitting marijuana. It would be right to say that it saved me from addiction and lung cancer. Trust me, cigarettes are quite a bit worse.Health Question & Answer

Weed and Tobacoo affect different parts of your body. Both harm you in a way. Tell your friends would they rather become a burnout, emotionless someone because thats what happens sooner or later or would they rather get a mouth disease or a lung cancer. Both freak out your body and have an enourmous impact on your heart. Its dangerous! I quit smoking few months ago!
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Although marijuana has the same carcinagens that ciggarettes have. It also contains chemicals known to kill cancer cells. This makes marijuana smoke less carcinagenic.Health Question & Answer

Not in the way cigs do, no. But it can mess up your life when you're still young, and cigs can't do that, so I'd say that yes, it is worse than cigs.Health Question & Answer

Well I know someone who died of cancer because of cigs, and someone who had constant death anxiety and was so high that he ended up getting himself killed.
you pick.Health Question & Answer

Have you ever heard of anybody dieing because of too much marijuana.? A question answers a question.Health Question & Answer hell. they both harm ur lungs and stuff so they r equal, but on a second thought smoking weed makes u loose concentration and balance .. so it might be slightly worse yeah Health Question & Answer

Well, there's no filter. Health Question & Answer

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