Does breaking or crushing a pill make it more effective?!

Question: Does breaking or crushing a pill make it more effective.?
The reason I ask, is because my husband had oral surgery, and was prescribed percocet. Pain killers don't work really well for him for some reason, if I break it in half, will it work better.?Health Question & Answer

it depends if the pills have a time release function then crushing them will make it more potent because instead of releasing a bit of drug at a time it releases it all.

the percosets have an effect when they get into ur brain receptors and then ur brain does the desired effect your husband may have lower numbers of receptors that can read percoset.

i also feel no effects when i take pain meds so i never take them which can suck because pain can be soo hard to deal with but tell him to focus on his breathing it may help.

u may also tell ur dr that percoset hasnt helped and he may prescribe a different pain killer. good luck

remember to be extra nice and try to keep him ina good mood because if ur in a good mood then the pain is easier to ignore especially when ur really happy.

if he gets in a worse mood which the pain will naturally put him into then the pain becomes harder to ignore.Health Question & Answer

Before you crush the pill read the warning lable on the back because I'm pretty sure that it warns you not to cut in half or crush the pill for some reason I cannot remember. It could be to prevent addiction because but I'm not sure. But for most pills, yes if you crush them they will absorb faster.Health Question & Answer

If you break the pill in half, he will not get the full strength of the pill, maybe he just needs something more stronger. You should check with his Doctor to see if maybe he could get something a bit stronger, or to check to see if it might be something else that the pill is not able to block.Health Question & Answer

Breaking or crushing pills can be dangerous. Some pills are time released for a reason, and if you crush it and absorb it all at once, it could sent your body into shock and kill you. I suggest you call the pharmacy to see if that pill can be broken, and call his doctor if he still has pain! Health Question & Answer

I can't imagine it will, it would only make it easier to swallow. If anything breaking it up or dividing it is going to weaken it but probably not to any noticeable amount unless you break in half and only give him half.Health Question & Answer

No, it won't work better, in some cases breaking or crushing pills will cause them to be less effective. Check with your doctor before breaking or crushing any medicine.Health Question & Answer

Crushing medications will make them absob more quickly into the bloodstream. Some meds warn against crushing so check the label first.Health Question & Answer

It will make it work faster but it probably won't last as longHealth Question & Answer

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