I have been taking 100 mg's of Zoloft?!

Question: I have been taking 100 mg's of Zoloft.?
For about 7 months now.
I was just wondering how long it would take it to get out of my system
if i just completely stopped taking it.Health Question & Answer

2-3 weeks depending on your body's metabolism. It is possible to be clear of it with 72 hours with a proper flush (dangerous if done without professional).

That being said, Zoloft is one of those drugs you want to be weaned off slowly. To rapidly stop taking it can cause many unpleasant effects which can include deep depression, suicide, seizures, heart problems, and death. If you want to get off it, do so with the help of a professional. They should know your history and medical condition and be able to help you do it in the shortest amount of time.Health Question & Answer

You should never just stop taking any medicine cold turkey. Your body is used to having it every day you should wean yourself off slowly and under a doctors care. There are certain antidepressant's that if you stop cold turkey you are at risk for a seizure or just feeling nauseous or getting headaches. I am not saying that zoloft is necessarily one of them or that this will happen but don't take the chance. As you wean down less will stay in your system and when you finally do get off of it completely it will be out of your system within a couple of weeks. Health Question & Answer

It should be out within two weeks according to webhelp:

Here's a guide to anxiety and depression that covers what it is and treatment including support groups:

Good luckHealth Question & Answer

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