Lasik or no Lasik. Advice seriously needed?!

Question: Lasik or no Lasik. Advice seriously needed.?
I am a 54 year old female. My eyes are -4 each. Have some issues with reading beyond one foot distance.
I usually use contacts but for reading I have to use reading glasses when having lenses in.
Please give me advice. I am particularly interested in that of people who have undergone this proceedure/operation along a period of time, say 5-10 years.
Of course I would also love to read about those of shorter durations and Ophthalmologists tooHealth Question & Answer

My dad and I are both pilots and he was having double vision in his right eye. he ended up getting the entire lense replaced and is so happy with the results that he wants to get his other eye taken care of. after seeing what a difference it made for him, i am considering doing this also. plus it would be nice to wear my old aviators again and not my clip ons :PHealth Question & Answer

well i have a friend he is a opthalmologist too. the thing is it got something to do with your age and its very safe but i know for a fact that he recomend lasik for people who are 60 and above so the effect will be permanent because if you have it done now. theres a tendency your vision will change if you get 60 Health Question & Answer

I have had this sugery for 2 years now and I'm doing fine...I had -4 in each eye as well.Health Question & Answer

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