Why do i have a weak stomach?!

Question: Why do i have a weak stomach.?
within this past year, my stomach has gotten really weak and i get nauseous easier and diarrhea. like i used to love roller coasters but every time after i get off one im a little bit queasy. and if i eat a lot of junk food it really affects my stomach. this never really happened before.. what could it be.? im 18Health Question & Answer

Honestly, there could be a multitude of reasonings behind it. The # 1 thing you could do is talk to your doctor about it and hide no details. I'd take a look at what you are ingesting, though. Your diet would play a major part, obviously, so perhaps (if you don't already) try eating very healthy for a week or two and see if you improve. I bet that will work. But, you should still talk to your doc about this.Health Question & Answer

Stress. Anxiety and stress can do the strangest things to the body. If you haven't had a check-up for awhile, I think it's time. Don't be afraid to tell your doctor everything that's bothering you. You should have your blood checked and make sure everything is OK.

You're 18! Please make a doctor's appointment. Just to have your blood checked and have a good little talk with your doctor about the new things going on with your body. It's the right thing to do. :)Health Question & Answer

i got the same problem ..i am 17 and it stared about 6 months ago...Whatever o get i get knots in my stomach and get diarrheaHealth Question & Answer

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