Do you like to smell your farts?!

Question: Do you like to smell your farts.?
Please don't laugh, but I have a weird obsession. When no one is around, I fart these horrendous farts and just sit there and sniff them. I'm very petite and a girly girl, so no one would ever guess I do this...but it's kind of like my secret fetish. Can you get brain damage from doing this.? Does anyone else do this.? I enjoy the smell of them SOOOOO much..esp. after I drink milk. Serious comments. ThanksHealth Question & Answer

Haha Oh man you seriously made my day. I can just see you under the covers smelling your farts, and then with a little grin on your face.. oh god ill stop.Health Question & Answer

Yeah lol it's kinda normal, people may not "enjoy" their farts but you naturally dont mind them as much as others because its a smell you familiarsie with. Lmao unless youve had curry the night before =P
But yeah it aint weird but not something to be shoutin in the street.

:)Health Question & Answer

No You Can't Get Brain Damage From This! I personally don't do this but my friend does. She does the same exact thing.. Whenever I'm with her she farts right in front of me and then just stays there smelling it... Everyone is different in there own unique way.. I guess this is yours! :)Health Question & Answer

You are into fart appreciation, great, after a while try lighting farts, it is so much fun and the aroma is indescribable, be careful and good luck.Health Question & Answer

I think everyone secretly likes the smell of farts on some level.
Think about it someone says "eww someone farted" and who ever is with them sniffs and goes "eww". Why sniff if you don't want to smell it.?.?.?.?Health Question & Answer

Um.. that's about the strangest thing I've seen on here today. lol I don't think that's exactly normal.
Sorry that's about as serious as I can get. After I stopped laughing and saying sick, gross, weird, etc.Health Question & Answer

No...fart is actually a release of really tiny 'poop' particles so I wouldn't want to sniff up my fart or other people's fart either. Wouldn't be healthy if you are to continue to have this obsession.Health Question & Answer

Grossly enough, I know exactly what you mean, hahaha. No, you won't get brain damage.Health Question & Answer

Don't keep this information inside. You need to come out of the closet on this one. You'll feel alot better.

Health Question & Answer

I love you. We can watch and enjoy Two Girls and One Cup if you like. Health Question & Answer

I think some guys have a girl farting fetish and some girls really like farting so its not that weird
Health Question & Answer

Are you sure you don't already have brain damage.?Health Question & Answer

Cool, wanna go out.Health Question & Answer

lmao everyone that commented smells their own farts too!Health Question & Answer

gross.Health Question & Answer

same here lol :))Health Question & Answer

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