Can I take 3 nyquil soft gels instead of 2?!

Question: Can I take 3 nyquil soft gels instead of 2.?
I am getting over a cold/ sinus infection and I need an extra boost of sleep and "health" I have been taking 2 at night but it doesnt do much. Can I take 3 at 10 pm and be ok to wake up at 9am.? I am 6'4 and 250lbs.Health Question & Answer

F*ck im about to go to some serious research for a jackass question that im SURE i know the answer for.....
Doxylamine succinate is the active ingredient in nyquil that makes you drowsy. It has a peak of two to six hours. This means that you will feel drowsiest two to six hours after popping the pills. At the latest after the six hour mark all of the effects will be declining.
So in short terms YES you will be fine. thank you for wasting my time on a stupid question.Health Question & Answer

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