Red acne scar/mark left by a pimple?!

Question: Red acne scar/mark left by a pimple.?
I heard it takes times for it to fade but its already a month!.? Anyone had this problem before plz let me know..Health Question & Answer

it takes about 6 months, no matter what you use, to get rid of a scar. i use this stuff called PreferOn from Walgreens. I use it for all my scars and cuts. I think it works better to heal, prevent, and get rid scars better than neosporin. Oh, and i use it on my lips, too. i use to have really bad scars on my lips due to wrestling with braces and i had an appliance in that kept me from wearing a mouthpiece. the directions say apply 4 times a day for 3-4 months. What i did was put it all over my body after i shower, and then just my face and lips(so i dont have to take my clothes on and off that many times) every time i washed my hands after using the bathroom.Health Question & Answer

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