I have a drug problem. Why does'nt anyone care?!

Question: I have a drug problem. Why does'nt anyone care.?
Hello, I am 30 years old and have been addicted to pain medication for about 10 years. Over this time i have let it ruin my relationship with my family. I have also abandoned all of my freinds. I have a good job and try to hide this addiction on a daily basis but i think everone around my knows its obvious. I am constantly breaking out and i have scars all over my face from the itching and scratching these pills cause. I feel like i am never going to recover. I get paid on Friday and go right to my dealer and spend 90 percent of it on pills. I cannot stop. I just like to much how i feel and how great everything is when i am high. I have had times when i have gone 3 months without anything but during that time i felt lifeless and lost. Not wanting or caring about anything. Now i have a big problem. I am trying to find a clinic to do a daily therapy like methadone or seboxone. But the only clinics are in the other side of the city and it is impossible to get there. I found a clinic 10 minutes away in another county but they don't accept out of county patients. I don't understand, I feel like no one wants to help me or cares about going the extra mile. If i keep up i will overdose 1 day and die. I need help and i am ready to live my life but i am lost. Does anyone have any advise.?Health Question & Answer

Hey buddy, I feel your pain. It seems that you have been placed in the situation you are by a higher power that is testing your endurance and your drive. Go to a peaceful quiet place. Then, in your mind, go back 10 years to when you were 20. What happened that made you take that first pill.? Think about that and go over that situation again and again . . . and figure out what it is now that is so similar to then that is causing your mind to return to that time over and over. Somebody may have said something to you when you took your first pill that you liked so much and your body 'feels' that that voice will come back if you take the pill, but that voice does not return when you take the pills, but your body doesn't care, it likes the feeling of the pill you take.

See, you can't get over a drug addiction by taking another drug and methadone or seboxone is a drug. Those are just as addictive as the pills you're taking. The breaking out and scars are because in your mind you are trying to make pain that will make you take more pills and bring back whatever it is that you liked so much 10 years ago.

I went through something similar to that, but I ended up in the hospital for 7 1/2 months with a head injury and sometimes I think I died and for all practical purposes, I did. But, that was 30 years ago and I don't want to go through that again. But, I do feel the pain you're going through. If you can, take a vacation and get away from the place that you are and replace the thoughts you have with better thoughts.Health Question & Answer

IMO suboxone is the way to go.

There is too much stigma on methadone, plus also the rules at the methadone clinic are strict where as suboxone is easier.

I tried methadone before to get off of H and failed at it(my fault really)

Plus, I hear that with people who are addicted to pain pills, suboxone is a much better medication for it.

Good luckHealth Question & Answer

I do. Have you ever seen Dr. Drew.? He's a great man, good doctor too. Rehabilitation seems to work in most cases. It looks like mentally, you're ready to quit your addiction. Depending on where you live, why not try to get in contact with a rehab center.? I care. Your family does. And I bet your old friends do, too.Health Question & Answer

why should anyone give a damn about a lowlife like you.? its your own problem that you got on these drugs. get your *** in gear and be a man! get off the natural way; not being a *****! i had a $300 a day cocain addiction and i got off just with grit. it makes me sick when people want handouts. i didnt expect any! you should be ashamed. niggerfaggot.Health Question & Answer

I can help you find the best treatment referral services. With this, you can find the best treatment center for your problem.Health Question & Answer

Well, you say that no one cares, but you seem to push everybody away.
For starters, you have to accept you have a problem... which you've done (congrats!!! it's the hardest part).... Call for help!! tell someone about this, ask them to help u, I'm sure that there's people who care about you, even if you've had fights with them, true friends are always there, even when you don't see them.
If you've been on this thing for so many years, you might need to go to a detox clinic, or some kind of therapy.

Get well!!!

PS: Think "one day at the time" wake up in the morning and say to the mirror "I don't know about tomorrow, but today I'm not taking anything" and once again the next day, paste motivational post-its in your place (sounds silly, but helps).... go and excercise (it releases endorphines, the body's own pain killers), it will make u feel good (and tired, so it'll be easier to sleep), get in touch with people, go to the movies, a coffee shop. There should be any crisis-counseling hot line where u live.
btw, these are only tips, get professional help. I'm sure you can beat this!!!!!!Health Question & Answer

you don't want help, you want someone to take care of you and that isn't going to happen. You have followed this path, and getting off of it is going to take enormous effort on your part. So what if the other clinics are across town, take a bus. If you are serious about being responsible for yourself, then you have to accept the consequences of your actions and get over it. You have to do whatever it takes to achieve your goal. There is "help" out there, but no one is going to take you by the hand, pat your head and lead you thru the process. Nothing is impossible if you are serious about beating your addiction. What you are doing is making excuses as to why you "can't" do it, when you should be looking for ways to make it happen. You are whining here, and you aren't going to get anywhere as long as you keep up looking for reasons why you "can't", instead of looking for ways to succeed.Health Question & Answer

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