Side effects fo the flu and pneumonia vaccinations?!

Question: Side effects fo the flu and pneumonia vaccinations.?
Could a very bad headache be a side effects to these vaccnations.? What are some other side effects of the two shots.?
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Depends on what you read. Most drug companies claim there are no side effects other than inflammation at the injection site. Course, if you are allergic to eggs there would be profound side effects to the flu shot as that is the medium in which the virus' are grown. Pneumonia shot is to be administered every 10 yrs for compromised individuals so there really aren't any side effects other than at the injection site. I personally have mixed feelings about the annual flu shots.Health Question & Answer

one of the side effects is slight pain at the injection site. try taking ibuprofen 800 mg three times daily.(MAKE SURE YOU EAT WHEN TAKING IT) as it could cause an upset stomach.
i work for a doctor and this is what he recommends.Health Question & Answer

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