How Long Could You Last Without.. ?!

Question: How Long Could You Last Without.. .?
Suppose after tommorow there is no longer life as we know it.. say a post apocalypse world. there are no cellphones, no electricity, no running water, no quickimarts... etc etc...

How long could you survive with the skills you have acquired over your lifetime.. Be honest.. to make it interesting please post your age with your response..perhaps mention what skills you are counting on to allow you to survive..

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lol... I'm 17 years old. I come from a family of traditional hunters and farmers. And I'm pretty sure I could find food and water with no problems. I know how to survive without help and I know how to do it alone. I've basically been doing it my entire life.

I could probably survive,alone, for the rest of my life, though I wouldn't want to. The one thing I would never be able to live without... is human contact.

As a human race, we get too caught up in the luxuries of technology and fast food restaurants that we forget that our race has survived for over a millennium. And most of that survival was through hunting and gathering food. And we lived in communities and worked together to defend our homes and our families. A lot of us have lost track of the things that are really, truly the most important things in our lives. We have to come to realize that, though they may be expensive, material objects can always be replaced. The life of a family member or a friend cannot. If we were to keep that in mind... we would all be able to survive another millennium together and build ourselves back up again. Just like we have before.Health Question & Answer

I'm 21 and i would survive, and live a full life (barring serious illness). I really think that the first few months would be a test for anyone, after being sat in a nice warm house.
But from a young age i was in the scouts, learning loads of skills. I was always interested in survival and hunting, and have kept that interest i own loads of books on sas survival, edible plants etc, and watch lots of survival tv programs.
I think the skills i would use best is the ability to make fires and catch and find food.
I think it would be fun, i would build and amazing hut thingy.Health Question & Answer

I am 29 and think I would survive just fine. I grew up without a lot of money and my dad was big on survival skills like hunting, fishing, foraging in the woods for berries, roots, etc. Now, I don't do these things now, but I think if I had to, it would all come back. I hike and camp and try to always be aware of my surroundings and what is of use just in case there is an emergency or bad weather that leaves me stranded. The trickiest thing would be to get used to the different microbes in stream/lake/river water (because my water filters would eventually run out).Health Question & Answer

For quite a while... I'm good at finding what I need in clutch situations. I have been active with Red Cross since my teen years so first aid is covered. I took some sports medicine and competed in sports medicine events so I have some knowledge beyond first aid. I'm a vegan and have a through understanding of nutrition. I know some places where food grows and I've been gardening all my life so I could cultivate some of my own food down the line. In the beginning looting and dumpster diving would be in order. I've done a bit of diving and I know what to look for. I know how to make fire from sticks or rocks, though I'm sure raiding the 7-11 at the end of my block would be a better source for matches, lighters, Ronsonol, and so forth. I'd keep living in the house I live for a while. Once I got some supplies together and the initial panic and frenzy wore off I'd travel north to my uncles farm where water flows from solar pumped wells... speaking of water... hmmm... I'm not sure where I'd get water at first, I guess from my disaster kit or from the bottles at work. Then maybe a pump.? I don't suppose anyone knows how far inland you have to be from the ocean before the water pumped from the ground isn't salty.? I'm kinda close to the beach.Health Question & Answer

Hello i am 23 and if the world was to end up like that than without water there would be no forrest and there would be no animals that i would be able to surive off of so i would say i would live for maybe months not long though. I would try and live off of what other people couldnt untill everything was dry.Health Question & Answer

Interesting question as I have pondered this myself. I think my family and I would be just fine. I prefer not to rough it, but certainly can. We hunt, hike, fish, and are pretty knowledgeable of the outdoors. We also possess farming and animal skills. Obviously scavenging supplies would be important too. Most importantly, we of strong minds. Our downfall, medications...some of us need medications that may make us "weaker" than others without them.Health Question & Answer


I come from a line of share croppers and I helped with my grandparents' garden when I was younger so I guess I would depend on my agricultural skills. Need some tomatoes.? It'll cost you a milk cow, a hog and 5 chickens :DHealth Question & Answer

I'm 27 and have spent most of my life outdoors hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, etc. I think I'd be fine surviving, but I'd probably die from being lonely!Health Question & Answer

great question! I mean i have soccer skills and i can really cook! So i would rely on the cooking skills and soccer skills could go to use, because i am kinda strong :) and i am 13.. :PHealth Question & Answer

I am not all that keen on living with the support I have now, so if I had considerably less I'd check out immediately 39Health Question & Answer

Only survival of the fittest can live under such circumstancesHealth Question & Answer

about as long as the water remained in our local damsHealth Question & Answer

I watch survivor man and man vs wild so I think Im good to go, lol
Im 28Health Question & Answer

pfft probably a few hours. if your lucky hahaHealth Question & Answer

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