Choking? food in my lungs?!

Question: Choking.? food in my lungs.?
I dont know what to do.. my mom and i were arguing. and my mom tried to choke me while i was eating and she grabbed my hair and pulled me across the room.. i think i swallowed some food in my lungs... it kinda hurts when i breathe.. help.?.?Health Question & Answer

You can't have food in your lungs. Your biggest problem is your mom trying to choke you!!! What's up with that.? Has it happened before.? This is parental abuse, and if it's happened before, go to the cops. Now.
If it continues to hurt when you breathe, get checked out by the school nurse, or your doctor if you can.
Bless you and good luck! Beware of your mom! Was she drunk.? That spells T-r-o-u-b-l-e with a capital T. Take care, Sweetie. :)Health Question & Answer

1. Get it checked out by an MD ASAP. Use the emergency room of the hospital if needed, and I think you need it.
2. Tell you father, the police, or any adult you can trust.

This could get much worse.Health Question & Answer

Go to the ER and tell them what happened.Health Question & Answer

first you should call child services on her and second what the hell .?Health Question & Answer

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