Any ways possible to increase my night vision?!

Question: Any ways possible to increase my night vision.?
Can you please give me a few ways in which I can increase my night vision.?Health Question & Answer

Sorry I dont think anything can be doneHealth Question & Answer

You can train your eyes to be used to low light levels. When inside, cut out all sources of light, try living in the dark for awhile.

It's an all or nothing thing, either you have good nightvision or you have good day vision. Try doing things in the dark. I'm guessing this is for a practical purpose.

Spend time in a forest at night, get used to identifying shapes in a different way than you do in the daytime.

It's a decision, not a skill really.Health Question & Answer

There are several supplements that claim to work and some do. They are not specifically for night vision, but they are for vision improvement overall. However, it would be advisable to visit a Doctor of Natural Medicine for an evaluation before taking anything. They will point you to the correct one for your age, size and vision requirements.
Sitting in the dark will improve your night vision for the period immediately following it and putting a patch over one eye is the old pirate way. When they entered the dark of a ship, they would just cover the other eye. The eye that had been covered in the light had a better overall vision in the dark. But, I would recommend an ND for a good and practical solution.Health Question & Answer

The sun can really hurt your night vision. When ever its sunny out, try your best to protect yourself with sun glasses. This will improove your vision by a long shot!Health Question & Answer

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