Does anyone know if you can receive medicaid asst. if you have Guillen Barre?!

Question: Does anyone know if you can receive medicaid asst. if you have Guillen Barre.?
We live in NH and my wife was just diagnosed with GBS. I just started my own business and we don't have health insurance. I am going to talk to a case worker in a few days. I was just wondering if anyone is familiar with Medicade could help.Health Question & Answer

Google: Medicaid eligibility New Hampshire

Medicaid is health insurance for very poor people.
Since you are married they will probably require proof of your income & count it toward her financial limit.
Or you could show you are not making money yet & can ONLY cover her room & board but NOT her medical expenses.

She will have to apply for SSD/SSI for Medicaid to complete your application because you are claiming she has a disability.

If she has enough work quarters, she could apply for SSD, if she hasn't made enough money for FICA, she could apply for SSI.
Take the SSD/SSI application with you to Medicaid.

You will need a very strong medical letter that asserts she will be disabled for longer than 12 months to be eligible medically for SSD/SSI.

She will need Proof of I.D.
Proof of residence
Proof of income
(if she has worked show a letter from last employer or last pay stub) or stub from unemployment.
She has to show her bank statements (last 2 months). She can "put" $1500 in separate bank acct. that bank notates is a "burial fund" (it's a way to shelter some money...she can always use the money when she needs it.)

Good luck to you both.Health Question & Answer

Medicaid is not the same as Medicaire. Medicaire is for those with disabilities or those who are retired, and of age.

Medicaid is for families with children. It will usually cover the adults in the family as well. If you have minor children, then yes, you qualify for Medicaid.

If you don't have minor children, your wife would have to apply for SSI or SSDI, which would get her coverage with Medicaire, but it could take up to 18 months to get that nonsense resolved depending on your state and the hoops you have to jump through.

Good Luck!Health Question & Answer

Have you done research on GBS.? This is a very dangerous condition. I would not wait to speak with a case worker in a few days I would do it ASAP. I am surprised the doctor who diagnosed her did not start treament immediatly. I wish you all the best! Be her advocate in health :-)Health Question & Answer

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