Any occasional Cocaine users ? I really need your help.?!

Question: Any occasional Cocaine users .? I really need your help..?
First off i have never touched the stuff and have no intention of doing so, so that's why i am asking you.

My friend snorts cocaine very occasionally when we go out for the night, he claims that he does things he wouldn't normally do and has no control of what he is doing.

He has done a really stupid thing.....slept with his friends girlfriend. As a result he has lost his friend and his own girlfriend. (this particular night he also claimed someone put ecstasy in his drink)

I asked them both why they did it but they both replied "i was off my head and didn't know what i was doing"

This has happened a few times in different situations over the past few months.

Neither of them are regular users so there is no addiction there, they can both go months without it.

Can cocaine really get into your mind that bad .?Health Question & Answer

i am an old weekend warrior.. which means i would only do it on the weekends.. and yes, coke can change things you do. i have done things i would never ever do sober.. and for a lot of people, it makes them incredibly horney.Health Question & Answer

well. when you sniff cocaine it releases dopamine into your brain making you feel , happy and sometimes invincible lol... but after awhile cocaine depletes all the dopamine in your brain which will make you pissed off , depressed... but using it a couple times a week isnt so bad. and coke can get into your mind hard if your a weak minded person. so i dont know is your friend weak minded.? the only way to reallly find out is do some coke , live a little.Health Question & Answer

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