GIRLS: How long did your first period ever last?!

Question: GIRLS: How long did your first period ever last.?
K well obviously, I got my period for the first time.. it's been about 4 days now.. and I absolutely hate it already.. So anyway's, I am just wondering how long they last.? How long did you first one last.? I know everyone's is different but just wondering.?!Health Question & Answer

my first one went for like 7/8 days
but after that theyve been shorter
normally 5 days
ocassionally more, not more than 7
sometimes, if im lucky, less
like i think 3 n a half was my shortest.

yeah, they suck majorly, but ull get used to itHealth Question & Answer

im a girl.....
:)Health Question & Answer

Everyone's different but mine usually dies down the 3rd or 4th day. and it's over by the 5th or 6th.Health Question & Answer

My first period lasted for four days. They USUALLY last for three to seven days but every girl is different so it's okay if your period is shorter or longer than that.Health Question & Answer

i heard the first ones can last from 1-10 days
my first lasted 4 days (when i was 12)
now im 14 and they still last 4 days..ishHealth Question & Answer

3 daysHealth Question & Answer

about a weekHealth Question & Answer

mine lasted 10 whole days! i have really long periods! what fun! lolHealth Question & Answer

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